The Game

  • $15.00 Entry Fee Plus Normal Golf Fees
  • Pays For Points & Skins Game
  • Played Fridays starting at 12:30
  • Saturdays & Sundays starting at 7:15
  • Monthly A, B, C, D Player Games
  • Annual Games

Membership Dues – $30.00 Per Year
Click Here For A Membership Application.

Linksters Monday Golf League

Every Monday Summerfield Crossings GC 5:30 p.m. Shotgun Join us every Monday for what will be the most fun you have all week. We will be playing a 2 person scramble so grab a friend and sign up. No weekly commitment just register online at Your  weekly fee of only $19.00 at the course includes 9 holes of Golf, a warm up bucket of balls & a draft beer. After the round head back to Linksters for drink specials. To sign Starts April 22nd

Seniors League

Seniors 50+

Different formats weekly
  • Tuesday 8am Shotgun
  • Thursday 8am Shotgun
Contact Jim Fair For More Information at 813.672.9017

Wednesday Night Points League

for more information contact Shane Lemay:

The Wednesday Night Points league plays every Wednesday, however, golfers are not required to play every week and every Wednesday is a NEW EVENT, require a new entry fee.  However, the more you play, the more “END OF THE YEAR POINTS”  (EOYP) you earn towards the end of the year Prize Pot.  End of the year prize pot grows each week as $1.00 from everyone that plays each weeks gets entered into the pot.  The entry fee of $ 20.00 for the year is also part of the End of the year prize money.  This is modeled after the FEDex Cup Points system on the PGA, the more you play, win or place, the more points you earn.

We will have 4 major tournaments throughout the season.  This means you will earn EXTRA EOYPs when playing in the majors as well as winning or placing in Majors.

This league is open to all skill levels.  We have 0 caps to 40 caps playing.  We will have 2 flights when we have 20 or more players each week for low net individual play.   Everyone MUST have a GHIN, which is the USGA handicap system.  If you do not have a GHIN, we can provide one for you, but for the first 4 weeks, your point total will be limited to a +2 points rating max (can be explained in more detail). Everyone MUST play to a triple bogey (or more up to your USGA GHIN ESC score).

All winnings will be post on the league site, including hole by hole scores of each player.  All scores will be entered into the GHIN by the league.  All winnings will be put in the Wednesday Night Points League PRIZE box in the Pro Shop under your name by the FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY.  Please understand, this is a NOT FOR PROFIT LEAGUE and is run by volunteers.  Winnings, results, etc will be done as quickly as possible.  Mistakes are made and if a mistake is made, we ask you advise of such error by Friday of the week played.  All errors after the following Friday are subject to review.

WHEN: Every Wednesday – 530 pm Shotgun start

Format: Quota points vs handicap – 9 hole (front or back, based on assignment by SCGC) –  THIS IS A NOT FOR PROFIT LEAGUE, which means all money collect for entries is GIVEN back in prize money..  There are no admin fees as well.  Even the league dues of $20.00 per person for the season will be given back in prize winnings.

  • 3 games every week – Individual Point Quota, 2 man blind draw point quota and birdie or better pool
  • Flights for Birdie or better POOL ONLY each week based on players playing (cannot be determined until all players have played) – 20 or more players to have 2 flights – Flights are based on course handicap, not GHIN cap. Those with same cap will be is same flight (to be equaled as best as possible) – If no skins are won in a flight, then all prize money will be pro rated for all skins won to another flights, no carry overs.
  • FLIGHTS for Individual Point Quota with 20 or more players, but not for 2 man blind draw
  • Course handicap is based GHIN for the 9 holes we are playing, front or back.. it is NOT your 18 hole cap
  • Point Quota is your 9 hole course cap less 18 – example, if your course cap is 7 for back nine holes, then your quota is 11 points (18-7=11).
  • The SCGC Handicap committee has the right, which this league will honor, to set a MANUAL adjustment for ANY golfer as permitted by the USGA.

    Points earned PER hole: Double Eagle or ACE – 6 points; Eagle – 4 pts; Birdie 3 pts; Par 2 pts; Bogey 1 pts; Double Bogey 0 pts; Triple Bogey or worse minus 1 pt FOR ALL PLAYERS – (please note, the MOST you can lose is 1 pt) – Please note.. the minus one is REQUIRED to match everyone’s handicap, which is why higher caps will need less points.

    EVERY player MUST play every hole up to a triple bogey, regardless of your ESC cap. If you are a 9 or less, you still MUST play to a triple. When your score is posted to the GHIN, your ESC scores will remove all triples.

    16 Events is the proposed minimum up to 20. (Could be expanded up to 20 events MAX if no rain outs) Last day of season will be 9/26 or 20 events, could be extended if we have not played minimum 16 events.

    League Fee – $ 20.00 to join for the entire season (all entry fees awarded for total Participation points winners)

    Weekly entry – $ 15.00 to prize pool

  • 5.00 to individual point quota (1 or 2 flights)
  • 4.00 to birdie or better pool (1 or 2 flights)
  • 4.00 to 2 man blind draw
  • 1.00 to end of year prize pool


  • 9 hole league.
  • Earn one participation point towards end of season prize money just for playing. (double points for MAJORS)
  • There will be a 530 pm shotgun start.
  • You are NOT required to play every week. There is no penalty for not playing, except you do NOT earn a participation point towards end of year game payouts (see below)
  • If playing, you are REQUIRED to pay weekly $ 15.00 entry to earn POINTS for end of year pool
  • In case of bad weather, league will be cancelled for the week.  ALL 9 holes must be completed by at least 10 players to be considered played.  With a shotgun start, there is still a chance a group could not finish a hole or two.  They will be considered in the game and will receive NET par on 2 or less holes which they could not finished and they will be eligible for Individual quota and blind draw (if 3 or more holes not completed, they will NOT be in game and receive their entry back)
  • Minimum of 17 weeks but if no weather issues, we will go to 24 weeks MAX up until 10/15
  • YOU CANNOT PRE PLAY on other days or times.. Wednesdays ONLY at 530
  • TEE BOXES, To keep with the SCGC, we will have all CAPS from the Black Tees.
    • 75 + Silver Tees & those 55 and over with a handicap index greater than 9.0
    • 55+ Black Tees and those 54 and Under with a handicap index greater than 9.0
    • 54 and under – Gold Tees
    • Rule 3.5 will still apply and your handicaps will be adjusted off of the Black Tees.

      CAPS – USGA GHIN Cap required – If you do not have a USGA cap, your first round will be set as your cap for the first 2 weeks and then will be adjusted by the GHIN.       ($ 15.00 fee to get a GHIN if required) – This means the very first week, you will be EVEN in points regardless of what your score is.. The second week your cap (point quota) will be what you shot the first week.

End of the Year League Prize Pool.

FORMAT – Earn points each week for playing and placing.

How to earn Points –

  • Each week you play, you earn 1 point just for playing. If you play 9 weeks or more, you automatically earn 5 BONUS points, this is to encourage playing more often.
  • Weekly individual point quota places
    • Individual Point quota will earn points on how you place (this INLCLUDES your 1 participation point)
    • 1st – 6 points – 2nd – 5 points – 3rd – 4 points – 4th 3 points – 5th to 10th place       each receive- 2 points (ties will split points)
  • 2 man blind draw team quota points (each team member gets ½ of the points, ie, 1st place each team member earns 3 points)
    • 1st – 6 points per team – 2nd – 4 points per team – 3rd – 2 points per team (regardless of weekly payouts)
  • Please note, percentage points will be in play for end of year game.. example if there is a 3 way tie for 10th place you will earn a .3 plus a participation point.. 1.3 pts

    To be consider “LEAGUE MEMBER” requires payment of $ 20.00 – all 20.00 entry AND $1.00 per player every week will make up the end of the year prize pool. Example.. 30 members – $600.00, plus avg of 15 players per week x 16 weeks – $240.00 – Estimated prize pool would be $ 840.00.. so first place with 20 members would pay 40% of 840.00, $336.00

    Payouts.. based on number of PAID ($20.00 entry up to week 7) members

    10-15 League Members – top 3
                1st – 50%          2nd -30%           3rd – 20%

    16-20 League Members – top 4
    1st – 40%          2nd -30%           3rd – 20%         4th -10%

    21-25 League Members – top 5
    1st – 40%          2nd -25%           3rd – 13%         4th -10%           5th -7%

    26-30 League Members – top 6

  • 1st – 25%          2nd -20%           3rd – 15%         4th -13%           5th -12%                        6th – 9%       7th – 6 %

    31-35 League Members – top 8
    1st – 23%          2nd -18%           3rd – 15%         4th -13%           5th -12%                        6th – 9%       7th – 6 % – 8 – 4%

    This year two of this league and some of these rules maybe altered if needed, by approval of the pro shop.

    All results will be posted on online, including up to date points standing for the end of the year game. Please note, we will do our best to have results immediately after all rounds are completed, but there are occasion where results will not be available for a day or so. All prize money will be in your envelope in pro show for the Wednesday league by the FOLLOWING Wednesday.

    For the 530 pm shotgun, we ask that everyone would sign up so the course can plan on how many holes will be needed.

    You do not need a twosome or foursome to play.. we will pair up individuals, etc the night of so everyone can play.

Wednesday Bogey League

Double Bogie Golf League

When: Wednesday Night @ 5:30pm @ Summerfield 2 Man Teams Greens Fee of $16.00

Format: Match Play, Best Ball, Alternate Shot, Scramble. Format changes each in week in a set order.

STARTS April 11th

Contact Gary at 813-753.4940  for questions or register. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR TEAM 3-28-18

The purpose of this league is to have fun while experiencing the joy of competition. There will be no league fees for weekly play but you will have to pay the course a greens fee each night. There may also be a small fee to pay someone to calculate the handicaps, provide weekly play scorecards, and keep track of standings.  That fee will be small if anything but it’s well worth it.  It takes a lot of work to keep track of the paperwork and organization of any league.

As stated above to keep each night fun and exciting we will be changing the format each week. There will be 2 formats that you will you’re your individual ball and 2 formats that you will play as a team.

Every match will be handicapped. Before league begins we’ll require two 9 hole scores from Summerfield Crossings. Handicaps will adjust at set points in the schedule.

Again, this will be about having fun and not “winning” or “cashing big.” This will be a league that we can come out and enjoy the company of friends and the game of golf.

Friday League

Every Friday Night

Couples Mixer 3:30 pm Shotgun Start Friday Night Mixer Dinner Sign Up in the Pro Shop

For additional event information, please contact our Tournament Sales Director at:

Summerfield Crossings Golf Club 13050 Sumerfield Blvd. Riverview, FL 33579 (813) 671-3311 Direct Line (813) 677-7320 Fax

Summerfield Crossings
Women’s Golf Association

SCWGA – Tuesday League

League Dues $65/year
Tuesday 7:30 am Show 8:00 am Shotgun
Hole in One $2.00
Weekly Prizes in Cash
Games for All Handicaps (max. 40)
Fun for All Female Player

SWGA – Thursday League

7:30 am show 7:45 Tee times
Not a formal league just fun play, games determined amongst players
Sign up on the bulletin board across from the ladies room

SCWGA – Tuesday League

$3.00 each week
Games for all handicaps (max. 40)
$5.00 Hole in One
Sign up on the bulletin board across from the ladies room

For additional event information, please contact our
Tournament Sales Director at:
Summerfield Crossings Golf Club

13050 Summerfield Blvd.
Riverview, FL 33579
(813) 671-3311 Direct Line
(813) 677-7320 Fax

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