Double Bogie Golf League

When: Wednesday Night @ 5:30pm @ Summerfield
2 Man Teams
Greens Fee of $16.00

Match Play, Best Ball, Alternate Shot, Scramble.
Format changes each in week in a set order.

STARTS April 11th

Contact Gary at 813-753.4940  for questions or register.

The purpose of this league is to have fun while experiencing the joy of competition. There will be no league fees for weekly play but you will have to pay the course a greens fee each night. There may also be a small fee to pay someone to calculate the handicaps, provide weekly play scorecards, and keep track of standings.  That fee will be small if anything but it’s well worth it.  It takes a lot of work to keep track of the paperwork and organization of any league.

As stated above to keep each night fun and exciting we will be changing the format each week. There will be 2 formats that you will you’re your individual ball and 2 formats that you will play as a team.

Every match will be handicapped. Before league begins we’ll require two 9 hole scores from Summerfield Crossings. Handicaps will adjust at set points in the schedule.

Again, this will be about having fun and not “winning” or “cashing big.” This will be a league that we can come out and enjoy the company of friends and the game of golf.

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