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2018 League results

1st place – Red & Watson

2nd place – Watt & Hiott

3rd Place – Brooks & Hagin

4th Place – Self & Tidwell

5th place – Philmon & McCullem

6th Place – Richardson & Bear

7th Place – Moose & Stickler

8th place – Wallace & Gilmore

Congratulations to all the winners and a Big thank you to all those that played this summer.  We hope to see you all soon and remember to take advantage of your Mosaic discount card through the end of the year


Golf League  – Thursdays @ 5pm

League Info

The Mosaic League will take place at 5pm at Summerfield Crossings GC starting Thursday , March 29th and will continue every Thursday until 21 weeks have been played.  There is a max of 22 teams.  There is a weekly fee of $18 that will be paid at the golf course every week prior to tee off.  The $18 fee includes Golf Fee, a small bucket of range balls and a draft beer available before or after your round in Doc’s Grille.  If available players may come out early on Wednesdays and play an additional 9 holes for only $6 more dollars before the league starts. (Available after 2pm)


The league will be 2 player teams match play and will be using a scramble format each week.   Scramble is played by both team members teeing off and selecting the best drive and both players hitting their next shot from that spot continuing this format until the ball has been holed out.  You may place the ball within 1 club length of the shot selected keeping the same condition (ball in rough is selected then both shots must be played from the rough.  Likewise for hazards and fringes)  You must putt from the same spot on the greens.  Each team will have 1 total team score .  The team handicap will be subtracted from the teams score to get the net score for the team.  The match will be decided by which team has the lowest total net score.  The team that has the lowest net score will receive 1 point.  If there is a tie for the low net team score in a match each team will receive ½ a point.


Your team will have a scramble handicap that will be used to calculate your net team score each week.  Since we are doing a new format the handicap will be established after 2 weeks of scores have been turned in.  We will then go back and adjust the match results based on your team handicap.  After that your team handicap will be kept by Summerfield by using a portion of your teams best scores.  (example: 3 best of 5 scores will be used to figure handicap)  If you need a substitute your team will still play to its team handicap.  It will not adjust.  Those who play in the individual league will have their own separate handicaps.

Play & Rain Outs

Obviously safety is our concern and if the league and course feel that it is too dangerous to go out or continue playing we will make up the match at the end of the season.  If the match goes 5 holes it will be considered an event and points will be awarded.   If we need to cancel an event and all the teams don’t get 5 holes in the club will issue rain checks for the holes not played.  Rainchecks will be in the form of a dollar amount for the holes not played.  These rainchecks can be used for the next week or any time you play golf at Summerfield.  Summerfield will post the pairings in the clubhouse as well as the league page and carts will have your starting hole numbers on them .  ALL SCORECARDS MUST BE FILLED OUT WITH ALL SCORES AND PUT IN LEAGUE BOX IN DOC”S GRILLE WHEN ROUND IS COMPLETED.  Summerfield will email the results to all the players and post the results in the pro shop.

All of us at Summerfield are excited to have the Mosaic League here and please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the staff if you have any questions.  Thanks and we look forward to a great season.